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Laser cut acrylic mirror auto tags

Laser Cut acrylic mirror auto tags uses the latest in modern technology to bring you the latest in personalized license plates, laser auto tags. All of our tags are precision cut with a computerized laser and assembled by hand like a puzzle to make a unique 3-D effect that can not be achieved any other way. The pieces can be inlayed into the background, cut out from the background, or raised up from the background depending on your preference.

All our custom made mirror plates are made from 1/8th" acrylic chosen for its optical clarity and shine to get the maximum mirrored effect.
Each laser tag is standard size 6" by 12" and made with a 1/16th inch durable textured backing making the overall thickness of the plate 3/16ths of an inch. These plates can withstand the harshest weather conditions and since they are solid acrylic the color will never scratch off or fade which will virtually make them last forever.

Important! We have every color of  the rainbow in stock - sop if you would like a different color than the ones show in the picture - we should be able to do it. Email us to make sure we have the color in stock, if not, we can substitute it and there might not be any extra charge if it is simple enough to do.

Wholesale and Retail Custom tags.
We would like to work with you to design your custom plate with your own personalized lettering, logo, or design. You can choose from different fonts, colors, and types of acrylic (colored mirror and solid colors). Contact us by email, phone, or mail.


email or call us for wholesale, retail, or custom needs
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